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The First Appointment

Gayle Bondy welcomes you to your first appointment at Balanced Living Counseling!

The office is in a suite with other businesses. We share a common waiting room.

Please check my office door, #106. If the "In Session" sign is hanging on it, I am with another client. Have a seat in the waiting room. If the door is open, please come in. In the unlikely event that you wait 10 minutes past your appointment time, an error may have occurred. Please knock on my door. I am committed to honoring appointment times.

There will be intake forms for you to complete. Look for a clipboard with forms and a note with your name on it in the waiting room. Completing the forms before your session gives you more time to discuss your issues. Therefore, when possible, it is best to arrive 15 minutes early.

There is no drinking fountain or water available in the suite, so please feel free to bring something non-alcoholic to drink during your session. Take-out drinks can be purchased at Sizzler next door or any of the many food businesses around the office.

The restooms are locked. The keys to the restoom are in my office. I apologize for any inconvenience here to those who are waiting in the reception area.

Children may not be left unattended in the waiting area during sessions because of the shared reception room situation. Older children who can remain quiet and occupied may be an exception.

There is a lovely outdoor garden courtyard with tables if you arrive earlier than expected or have adult family members who do not wish to wait in the reception area.There is also a new shopping complex on both sides of El Toro with crossing signals for those who don't like to sit while they wait.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you.







23591 El Toro Rd Suite 106 | Lake Forest CA 92630

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