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Gayle Bondy's Payment Practice 2012:

Because it is so easy to get caught up in the therapy process and forget to collect, I:

1) collect all payments and co-payments at the beginning of each session and furnish a receipt. My private pay rate is $105. There is a sliding scale available.

2) accept cash, check.


I accept and bill Anthem Blue Cross HMO, PPO, HSA, HRA.

I will individually discuss Anthem Bluecard, Healthy Families and other plans based on the East Coast, since these are significantly different, often require pre-authorization, and may have other limitations. I will always need a copy of both sides of your insurance card in my file, and will get this on our first visit.

Though I bill, there is no guarantee your insurance will pay. Insurance companies deny claims for many reasons including unmet deductibles, visit limitations exceeded with a prior therapist, cap on mental health benefits exceeded from a psychiatric inpatient visit, visit limits on some kinds of issues, etc. For many Anthem plans, when you begin with a therapist you are allowed 20 visits per year. This is often a year which begins the first date you see the therapist, not a calendar year. Your employer worked out a package for your company's employees, and there are as many as 300 different Anthem plans I was told. Though I call Anthem and try to have accurate information on each client, there are still suprises when I receive payment (or no payment). The client is ultimately responsible for the cost of counseling.

I do bill Victims of Crime for those who are using that service.

ANY PPO: A PPO from any insurance company allows you to go to any licensed therapist. However, when you use an out-of-network provider, you may not be reimbursed as much as if you used an in network therapist. I collect my full fee from you and give you a CMS 1500 medical billing form to submit to your insurance company showing that I have seen you, the dates, and the amount you paid. The insurance company then reimburses you directly.

I will also give PPO clients a copy of my license and liability insurance to submit to their insurance company along with the CMS 1500. This proves you went to a qualified therapist.

I accept Value Options EAP (Military One), Anthem Blue Cross EAP. The EAP always provides you with the therapist referral. You must work through your employer or Military One for a referral.


I love counseling but not the bookkeeping. If your check is returned, there is a $25 processing fee. Future payment must be cash only.


Because of the current economic situation, in 2012 I am offering a modified sliding scale from $70 to $105 for families earning less than $5000 a month. I will need pay stub or IRS tax income verification. At $105, I am well below the area market for my experience and expertise (see Resume). The balance between meeting client needs and keeping my doors open is difficult. We will work together to meet our mutual goals.











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